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Friday, November 8, 2019

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Cold and distant, as both a leader and a father, the master of magnetism has only one plan in life: mutants standing above humans, no longer suffering mankind's persecution, and nothing else. The fact he was born and raised during World War II Hitler ordered the mass murder of Jews didn't help him in seeing humanity's good side. Another part of him is his desire to be the only one who will lead the mutants to a better world. When Apocalypse 's plan of turning all of the human population into mutants came to be, Magneto refused to help him, saying that no one would rule with him around.
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X-Men Evolution - Rogue Hentai - 27 Pics - izmailov.info

Kurt hoped that if they saw what mutants were really like, they would change their views, and had asked the Professor to invite them. After all, their only taste of mutants other than himself was Toad, hardly an ambassador for mutantkind. Hopefully they could be persuaded to relax their injunction against Kurt and Amanda dating, dating in the open, anyway. Kitty had an even better reason to look forward the gathering this year. She could socialize with everyone without having to worry about Jean doing anything to her. Exactly when this whole mess opened upto him he never really knew, perhaps it was the way everyone expected him to play the leader. Yet while in the day he could be somewhat what they all needed from him, it was the night where he became the opposite.
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X-Men Evolution - Rogue Hentai

Rogue Adopted Sister Adopted parents. His fun-loving nature can sometimes get Kurt into trouble. For example, while playing around with a machine he discovered in an abandoned lab, he was caught in the " Middleverse " created by a student named Forge , who was himself trapped in this pocket dimension. Kurt's power came in handy here, as his teleportation allowed him to ghost back into the real world and alert the team, who eventually rescued both boys.
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